Welcome to Signal Path.
Now with Pro Tools Mix Plus.

Studio Phone 615 292 7577
Studio FAX 615 292 0788

2908 Berry Hill Drive. Nashville, Tennessee 37204

A 24 track analog, 32 track digital project studio.
Large tracking room, with big drum booth, vocal
booth, and lots of portable isolation. 16 channels
of mic pre's wired with Mogami Quad, in addition
to the consoles 32 mic inputs. Also, a good sized
break room makes for a comfortable space to work
and play.
The Tracking room is made from 12" block, 10 tons
of sand and is acoustically treated to be home for a
variety of instruments. While the room could
house a string session with ease, the entire studio
was designed for high quality recording
on a budget. Day rates start at $300.00 per day

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